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ATG MaxiChem Cut Safety Gloves Cut Level B


  • Wearing the ATG MaxiDry Glove protects you against dangerous chemicals, micro-organisms and helps increase resistance to oils
  • Type A (Level 2) which protects the user against 6 test chemicals for 30 minutes.
  • protect users  from chemical such as n-heptane, sodium hydroxide 40%, sulphuric acid 96%, nitric acid 65%, acetic acid 99% and ammonium hydroxide 25%.
  • Repels oils, liquids and chemicals.
  • Cut level A. Gloves are designed to protect against light scratches only. Not recommended for protection against blades.
  • Reduces hand fatigue through its ultra-lightweight seamless knit liner which provides excellent comfort, sensitivity and dexterity to the user.
  • Ensure gloves does not slip off user’s hand through an exclusive elasticated support in the wrist are which provides a “locking” effect.
  • Offers an optimized and controlled grip to the user through the glove’s micro-cup finish.
  • Certified by The Skin Health Alliance to be “Dermatologically Safe”.
  • Gauntlet – 30cm
  • Gauge: 1.10 mm
  • Length: 30cm
  • Unit Of Measurement: 1 Pair
  • EN374-1 : JKLMNO
  • EN388 : 4342B

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