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Bullard Standard S71 Full-Brim Hard Hat


  • 4-point Flex-Gear® ratchet suspension (RS4RC).
  • Ratchet suspensions have vertical adjustment capability (two in front, two in rear) for a secure fit to different head sizes.
  • Wide (3/4″) crown straps provide more comfort and helps the suspension system absorb energy.
  • Replaceable cotton brow pad is pillowed for maximum comfort.
  • Pad print capability in up to eight different locations on the hat.
  • Hat style helps protect against splash, glare and sun exposure, and features
    a permanent under-brim glare guard.
  • The upgraded suspension system provides a more comfortable, secure fit.
  • The round, wide crown area also allows for good ventilation.
  • Z89.1-2014, Type I, Class E and G

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