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Flame Resistant Coverall- PYROVATEX


  • Fire-Retardant Workwear
  • 100% Cotton – 250 GSM
  • Can be customized
  • Offers very good protection against heat & flame
  • Durable to multiply washes and certified as per ISO11612 from BTTG (UK), STFI (Germany
  • Comes in combination with anti-static grids, hi-visibility colours and OWR finishes
  • Chemical repellent finish option is also available in combination with FR for protection against select hazardous chemicals
  • Has a life cycle of 70 washes
  • If proper care is taken the garment can last for 100 washes if no chlorine and other washing elements are used.
  • It has the flame retardancy to withstand a 3 or 4 seconds flash fire and will protect against 1 and 2 degree burns.
  • EN ISO 11612:2008

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