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Best Safety Shoes in Singapore

Best Safety Shoes in Singapore

Safety shoes are designed to protect the wearers from potential hazards at workplaces or during specific activities. They serve a dual purpose – ensuring foot safety and offering comfort during long hours of wear. This footwear is typically characterized by its durable material, reinforced toe, and several other features that resist various risks like slips, punctures, and heavy impacts. In Singapore, safety shoes have become essential wear for many professionals. With this in mind, let’s delve into reviewing some of the best safety shoes in Singapore available in the market.


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+PLUS Mid Cut Lace Up Safety Footwear is the best safety shoe for individuals looking for lightweight footwear. With a net weight of less than 1kg per pair, it differs from traditional bulky safety shoes, offering wearers unmatched mobility and reduced fatigue—essential attributes for professionals who demand mobility without compromising safety. The footwear’s dual-density PU sole is meticulously crafted: a lighter-density PU midsole is employed for superior impact absorption, while a more robust PU outsole is integrated to provide long-lasting durability amidst challenging work environments.

Another distinguishing feature of this safety shoe is its mid-cut design, a choice that perfectly straddles the line between the mobility of a low-cut shoe and the ankle support of a high-cut boot. This design effectively reduces the risk of ankle twists and offers an added layer of protection against potential workplace impacts or abrasions. Yet, it does so without hindering movement or flexibility, ensuring wearers can navigate their workspace with the agility synonymous with low-cut shoes.

Lastly, the +PLUS Mid Cut Lace Up Safety Footwear doesn’t just stop at being functional; it looks good too. The full-grain leather gives it a classic and stylish look, making it a rare find in the world of safety shoes. It’s not just about wearing a shoe that keeps you safe; it’s also about feeling confident in how you look. With its fine leather finish, this shoe proves that you don’t have to sacrifice style for safety.



Best Safety Shoes Singapore

Constructed with top-grade leather, the D&D Low Cut Lace Up Safety Footwear-1818 is meticulously designed to safeguard the feet against various hazards in dynamic work environments. One of its significant attributes is its antistatic feature, which reduces the buildup of static electricity, crucial for those working around flammable materials or sensitive electronic components. Furthermore, the breathability factor ensures the user’s feet remain dry and comfortable even after prolonged hours of wear, which is a perfect match for professionals who are constantly on their feet.

With its single-density PU outsole, the D&D Low Cut Lace Up Safety Footwear-1818 provides a durable yet flexible foundation suitable for various terrains. This MOM-approved safety shoes guarantees optimal safety and is compliant with Singapore’s SS 513 series and the global EN ISO 20345 standard. Given its features, it’s an ideal choice for construction, warehousing, and logistics professionals, offering a blend of protection and comfort at an attractive price, marking it as one of Singapore’s top safety shoe picks.


MOM-Approved Safety Shoes

For professionals who prioritize safety without compromising on style, the Worksafe 2011 Black High Cut Vulcan Safety Boots are a stellar choice. Priced at an affordable $25.00, these boots seamlessly combine functionality with aesthetic appeal. The robust black PVC upper ensures durability, making it ideal for challenging work environments. The presence of the steel insert plate not only provides an added layer of protection but also reinforces the boot’s structure, ensuring long-lasting wear.

Aesthetically, the boots sport a sleek black design with a contrasting sole, which gives them a modern touch while retaining their rugged charm. The intricate tread pattern on the sole ensures grip on varied terrains, reducing the risk of slips or falls.

Tested to the rigorous EN ISO 20345 standards, these boots don’t just claim quality—they prove it. The commitment to international safety footwear guidelines assures potential buyers of the product’s premium standard.

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We have reviewed three of the best MOM-approved safety shoe options in the market, each offering unique features and benefits to cater to different needs. Whether you prioritise durability, comfort, or style, a safety shoe is available for you at SafetyCare. 

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